The schedule for BBTB 2021 has been posted, but it is password protected. If you have paid a connection fee prior to June 15 you should have received an email with "Builder Update - Two Days Away!" in the subject line that includes the password to the schedule. Zoom links will go live sometime on Friday. Another email will go out right before the con.
We have launched a new website and are not able to migrate the previous account information. Please create a new account to login.
You have two options. If you attended BBTB 2020, are attending BBTB 2021 and are purchasing a "Box by the Bay," we will include your 2020 brick in the box. Otherwise, if you attend BBTB 2022 June 23-26, 2022, you can pick it up in person at the administration desk. Regrettably we are unable to ship a single brick.
The opening ceremony and announcements will begin Friday at 6:00 PM Pacific Daylight Time. The link will be live at 5:45 so people can get situated. Meet and Greets will follow beginning at 7:00 PM PDT. Saturday's and Sunday's activities will begin at 10:00 AM Pacific Daylight Time. Once the schedule is finalized, we will post it.
Glad you're interested in a T-Shirt! We have outsourced our 2021 T-Shirts, so they must be purchased through the shirt manufacturer's website via a separate transaction. Please note that T-shirt ordering will only be available through June 1! This cut-off gives our manufacturer time to print and ship the shirts to you before the convention. If you want shirts, please make sure to order them sooner rather than later!
We understand things come up and plans can change. We offer a full refund if you cancel two weeks prior to the convention. Refunds will not be given for swag once it has been shipped. Please contact admin@bricksbythebay.net for refunds.
We miss having an in-person event as much as anyone and will resume normal operations once it is safe to do so based on Federal, State and Local Health Department directives. If all goes well, we will hold the next Bricks by the Bay June 23-26, 2022.
Unfortunately the logistics of shipping trophies prevents us from shipping brick built trophies. We will send a pdf of a trophy certificate to the winners.
No, but we will have a number of interactive activities during the virtual convention. Workshops will return when we are able to have in-person events.
Things are getting better, however we are going to stay on course with a virtual convention. There is not enough time to switch, nor do we believe an in-person event would draw enough people to make it feasible.