Join us as we kick off Bricks by the Bay's second virtual convention! We will have announcements and updates as appropriate. 6:00 PM PDT Friday.
Join the 18+ crowd in Zoom Rooms for a Meet and Greet hosted by Jennifer Nogle. See familiar faces, catch up and meet new friends! Breakout rooms will be available for smaller groups. Drop by immediately following the opening ceremony.
More information to be announced. Hosted by Flynn DeMarco and Richard Board. 18+
Show your MOC and chat with other Junior Builders. Ages 12 and younger. Hosted by Debbie Gordon.
Put your creativity to the test and create a MOC with our seed piece build. If you ordered a "Box by the Bay" you'll have them. For everyone else, we'll announce the pieces so you can look for them in your own collection.
Use your Event Kit model to build a scene! Make it as big or as small as you like. Model designed by Tim Heiderich.
Using the minifigure torso included in your Box by the Bay, build an 8 stud x 8 stud vignette.
Longtime AFOL and Bricks by the Bay founder Bill Ward presents a primer on the geometric relationships of various LEGO® elements. Drop in to see "Brick Geometry: Half-plate offsets, SNOT, Angles and more!"
Enhance you MOCs with brick-built windows and doors! Join expert builder Li Li for an interactive tutorial. Parts list will be published soon.
We want to talk about the women and girls who have inspired you, who have affected your life in positive ways and made you a better person, maybe even a better LEGO builder. It could be Dr. Mae Jemison who inspired you to become a health care practitioner or aspiring astronaut; Greta Thurnburg who has motivated you to speak out on what you believe in; your Aunt Rita who promoted your love of art and creativity; or even Miss Piggy who encouraged you to embrace yourself for who you are. Build something that represents the woman or girl who inspires you. An easy, effective, and very customizable format is the minifig habitat (instructions here), but all MOCs are welcome - larger vignettes, mosaics, busts, digital renders, etc., etc. During the zoom presentation we'll highlight as many as we can and invite builders to talk about their MOCs and how their builds and their life were inspired by their chosen person.
Leonard Marquez shares his talents through his presentation on designing Mechs. The focus is on younger builders, but all ages are welcome!
Stuart Harris from LEGO discusses the LEGO House and takes your questions.
LEGO Senior Designer Melody Caddick discusses the development of holiday and gift with purchase sets followed by Q&A.
Learn about quality control at LEGO from LEGO Quality Director Bjarke V. Schønwandt. Get the inside scoop followed by Q&A.
Veteran AFOL, LEGO Ambassador and long time LUG leader Russell Clark discusses the ins and outs of forming a LUG.
Cactus Brick is a LEGO User Group from Tempe Arizona, just East of Phoenix. They have participated for many years at Bricks by the Bay bringing substantial layouts, and will be giving a talk about their club and showing some of their builds.
Even though we can't browse and handle their items, vendors will still have a presence. Our "Vendors who are Makers" sessions will highlight vendors who create their products. There will be two sessions; one on Saturday and one on Sunday. Each day will feature three different vendors over the course of an hour who will present their products.