Join us as we kick off Bricks by the Bay's second virtual convention! We will have announcements and updates as appropriate. 6:00 PM PDT Friday.
Join the 18+ crowd in Zoom Rooms for a Meet and Greet hosted by Jennifer Nogle. See familiar faces, catch up and meet new friends! Breakout rooms will be available for smaller groups. Drop by immediately following the opening ceremony.
Join LEGO Masters’ Flynn & Richard for a casual meet and greet with other LGBTQIA+ builders at Bricks by the Bay! Allies are welcome to attend too! Please put your preferred pronouns along with your name in Zoom before joining so everyone can be aware of how you would like to be addressed. We look forward to seeing you!
This workshop presentation will introduce Junior and Teen builders to the art of building "mech" robots. Mechs have been popular over the years in many different sci-fi media, from cartoons to movies to video games. And mechs have been a favorite subject of many LEGO MOC builders as well. Mechs have even appeared in LEGO themes, including Exoforce and Ninjago. In this seminar, participants will learn the basic principles of mech construction, including body structure, articulation and other design elements/tips. Participants can follow along in building their own mech body frame which they can embellish to make a fully built out mech. Recommended Ages: 8-17.