Join us as we kick off Bricks by the Bay's second virtual convention! We will have announcements and updates as appropriate. 6:00 PM PDT Friday.
Join the 18+ crowd in Zoom Rooms for a Meet and Greet hosted by Jennifer Nogle. See familiar faces, catch up and meet new friends! Breakout rooms will be available for smaller groups. Drop by immediately following the opening ceremony.
Join LEGO Masters’ Flynn & Richard for a casual meet and greet with other LGBTQIA+ builders at Bricks by the Bay! Allies are welcome to attend too! Please put your preferred pronouns along with your name in Zoom before joining so everyone can be aware of how you would like to be addressed. We look forward to seeing you!
Show your MOC and chat with other Junior Builders. Ages 12 and younger. Hosted by Debbie Gordon Terra Wilson.
Put your creativity to the test and create a MOC with our seed piece build. If you ordered a "Box by the Bay" you'll have them. For everyone else, we'll announce the pieces so you can look for them in your own collection.
Use your Event Kit model to build a scene! Make it as big or as small as you like. Model designed by Tim Heiderich.
Using the minifigure torso included in your Box by the Bay, build an 8 stud x 8 stud vignette.
Longtime AFOL and Bricks by the Bay founder Bill Ward presents a primer on the geometric relationships of various LEGO® elements. Drop in to see "Brick Geometry: Half-plate offsets, SNOT, Angles and more!"
Enhance you MOCs with brick-built windows and doors! Join expert builder Li Li for an interactive tutorial. Click here for the parts list.
We want to talk about the women and girls who have inspired you, who have affected your life in positive ways and made you a better person, maybe even a better LEGO builder. It could be Dr. Mae Jemison who inspired you to become a health care practitioner or aspiring astronaut; Greta Thurnburg who has motivated you to speak out on what you believe in; your Aunt Rita who promoted your love of art and creativity; or even Miss Piggy who encouraged you to embrace yourself for who you are. Build something that represents the woman or girl who inspires you. An easy, effective, and very customizable format is the minifig habitat (instructions here), but all MOCs are welcome - larger vignettes, mosaics, busts, digital renders, etc., etc. During the zoom presentation we'll highlight as many as we can and invite builders to talk about their MOCs and how their builds and their life were inspired by their chosen person.
This workshop presentation will introduce Junior and Teen builders to the art of building "mech" robots. Mechs have been popular over the years in many different sci-fi media, from cartoons to movies to video games. And mechs have been a favorite subject of many LEGO MOC builders as well. Mechs have even appeared in LEGO themes, including Exoforce and Ninjago. In this seminar, participants will learn the basic principles of mech construction, including body structure, articulation and other design elements/tips. Participants can follow along in building their own mech body frame which they can embellish to make a fully built out mech. Recommended Ages: 8-17.
We'll have LEGO Masters USA participants from BOTH Season 1 and Season 2! Join us as they talk about their experiences and answer your questions. You're welcome to send questions in advance to the moderator at
Stuart Harris from LEGO discusses the LEGO House and takes your questions.
Have you seen the new Typewriter, set 21327? LEGO set designers Wesley Talbott and James May will talk about the latest LEGO Ideas set!
Learn about quality control at LEGO from LEGO Quality Director Bjarke V. Schønwandt. Get the inside scoop followed by Q&A.
Veteran AFOL, LEGO Ambassador and long time LUG leader Russell Clark discusses the ins and outs of forming a LUG.
Cactus Brick is a LEGO User Group from Tempe Arizona, just East of Phoenix. They have participated for many years at Bricks by the Bay bringing substantial layouts, and will be giving a talk about their club and showing some of their builds.
Even though we can't browse and handle their items, vendors will still have a presence. Our "Vendors who are Makers" sessions will highlight vendors who create their products. There will be two sessions; one on Saturday and one on Sunday. Each day will feature three different vendors over the course of an hour who will present their products.
Bricks by the Bay's local LUG BayLUG, the Bay Area LEGO Users Group, presents their "Jungle" collaborative display followed by a discussion on the process and techniques.

“Easter eggs” to find in the BayLUG Jungle Adventure Collaborative display at: Jungle adventure

  • A gold statuette
  • Venusaur the seed pokemon
  • A hot dog tree
  • A person dressed up like a tree
  • A creeper, ready to destroy a structure
  • A box of skulls
  • A Rocket & Groot
  • A teddy bear
  • A box of donuts
  • A gorilla talking on banana phone
  • A piñata
  • A girl in a flower pot
  • A dayglow spider
  • Fawkes the Phoenix
  • A gold key

Bricks by the Bay 2021 virtual Scavenger Hunt
General rules
- We announce the item(s) to look for and then you have one minute to find it and come back – put your Zoom hand up so we will know that you have something to show

  • 1) LEGO T-shirt (+1 point if you come back wearing it, +1 point if it is a BbtB shirt)
  • 2) Three LEGO animals (air, land, water) (+1 if one or more is brickbuilt)
  • 3) The oldest unopened set that you have (+1 if it is from 2001-2010, +2 if it is from 1991-2000, +3 if older)
  • 4) Three different kinds (and three different colors) of LEGO flower (+1 if at least one is brickbuilt)
  • 5) LEGO game (+1 if it is a MOC of an existing non-LEGO game)
  • 6) Comic strip or comic book that depicts LEGO (+1 if it is not published by LEGO)
  • 7) LEGO element to create light, sound and motion (1 point each)
  • 8) A container of LEGO that is made to look like LEGO (or a pick-a-brick cup if nothing else)
  • 9) Instruction booklets for 4 different themes that are not City, Castle, Space or Pirate
  • 10) Three different types of propellers attached to three different type of vehicles
  • 11) A Duplo character from TV, book, movie, comic etc.
  • 12) Bricks by the Bay memorabilia (pin, minifig, event kit, booklet, mug or trophy but *not* a T-shirt)
  • 13) Three non-minifig scale LEGO people (+1 if at least one is brickbuilt such as Miniland)
  • 14) One or more words spelled out using LEGO bricks
  • 15) 5 different types of doors
  • 16) A brickbuilt LEGO star
  • 17) A technic built machine of some sort
  • 18) At least three different alternate types of pieces made by LEGO (Duplo, Bionicle, Toolo, Scala, Fabuland, Modulex etc)
  • 19) A minifig with two different colors of arms or two different colors of legs
  • 20) Something that you built that you like a lot
  • TrickyLUG is an informal group of international builders of all ages. In sharing our passion for LEGO we focus on kindness and inclusivity. Please join for a casual and interactive discussion about the long-distance online collaborative planning process, as we share details of our "Let's Go Camping!" display.
    Brandon Jones of SeaLUG leads an introduction on how to use STUDIO, the digital LEGO design program. This is a very basic introduction for newbies, and ideal for anyone interested in expanding their LEGO abilities into the world of digital design. The presentation will walk through the basics of the program to get you comfortable with its functions, show how to start a file, select pieces and colors, how to manipulate, connect pieces and alter pieces in a design. If possible, please download and install Studio on your computer before the session. It's a free program from Bricklink!
    Ever have "writer's block" but with LEGO? This session will explore creativity techniques and help with inspiration for building. Presented by Daneen McDermott.
    Patty, owner of Mo'Brickz will talk about her upcoming book, "How to Use LEGO® Duplo bricks and pieces with your loved one living with Alzheimer's and Dementia" (working title).
    Kind of like a reddit AMA, Julian will answer questions about what it was like to work at LEGO, what was L3D anyway, what it was like living in rural Denmark. There were many aspects of SPU-Darwin that the podcast couldn’t cover in just an hour. The session will be conducted in English, not Danish. ☺ Link to Episode.
    LEGO bricks, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality LEGO, Knowledge, Minority Report, The LEGO System of Play, Cognitive science and Piaget’s theory of cognitive development. These are all connected in ways that become clear once it’s shown. The session is about current research in developing knowledge management systems using XR technologies, and the important role that LEGO has in the process.
    Join Cameron Wilson as he hosts the teen mixer and MOC show and tell. Open to all teens 13-17.
    Cristina Hernandez Trotter, Reference Librarian of the Oconee Regional Library System, will show how the flexibility of LEGO has allowed her to successfully adapt library STEAM programming to changing needs and conditions. After the presentation, attendees will be invited to share their experiences and ideas for library and/or youth programming.
    Roll on in for a presentation of a Great Ball Contraption! See a variety of modules used to build this motorized marble run and have questions answered by the builders who made them.
    Erik Wilson hosts a virtual scavenger hunt. Do you have the items in your collection?